Creating a glossary for terms related to a special area of work

What I’m trying to do

Hello everybody,

once again i need a little bit of help :slight_smile:

During the last years i gathered a lot of definitions (a few hundred) related to my area of work as a veterinarian. I would like to add those definitions to obsidian. Please keep in mind i just started using obsidian, i am new to markdown and i have no idea about programming! I tried to be as precise as possible but i struggled with the specific terms. I just know stuff about dogs, cats, fishes and birds… :slight_smile: !

a definition in my case consists of:

  1. the name of the definition and in some cases an abbreviation
  2. the definition of the word itself
  3. in a lot of cases a paragraph of a regulation where the definition is originating from

example: 1. pain, 2. physical suffering or distress 3. § 1 TierSchG

what i am doing right now

  1. create an individual note (Pain) for each definition
  2. add the definition itself (physical suffering…) as an alias in the front matter
  3. add a tag “definition”
  4. created a note called “Definitions” with a dataview query looking for all notes with the tag “definition” and displaying file name in the left column and the alias in the right column
  5. the dataview query:
TABLE aliases as Definition FROM #Definitionen 

the good: i actually have a note that shows all definitions in alphabetical order with the definition in the right side. the simple dataview query works.

the bad / what i am worried about: is that after adding a lot more definitions i will realize that i should have applied the whole process in a different way

what could be improved: is there a better way then just using the alias? should i do it differently alltogether? should i add the reference to the regulation/law in the text of the note or somewhere else? can i display the reference to the regulation/law in a third column?

Things I have tried

  • watched youtube videos about adding dictionaries to obsidian
  • read forum posts and articles regarding dataview, dictionary plugins etc.

I’m not that into medical stuff, but normally aliases is reserved for other aliases/nicknames for the note in question, e.g. say you have a note on “Blood Cancer”, but in another note you would like to talk about “Leukemia”. Then it would be natural to add “leukemia” to the aliases.

So I would rather have a dedicated property on the definition part, where I possibly would write a succinct description of the thingy. The main body of the note I would use for other descriptions, comments on treatment (or similar), and so on.

Not sure how I would tackle the originating references, but maybe just add that as list of references in the frontmatter? Maybe even as links, to describe the reference in more detail.