Creating a folder template?

Does anyone know how to create a template for folders? I’d like to create projects with a handful of prepopulated sub folders and note templates?

What’s the best way to achieve this?

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You could create the template folder inside or outside of your vault and when you start a new project, you can browse your file system, select and copy/paste the folder to duplicate it.

Then inside Obsidian, you can rename the folder and work with the files.

In MacOS (but outside Obsidian), I use Automator and Hazel to create folder tree and archive files into Archive folder.

I guess the same operations can also be applied to Obsidian vault.

This one has been around a long time. Unfortunately Windows and Mac only. I switched to Linux a couple years ago. Haven’t found anything like it.

How about writing a Shell script for creating hierarchical folder?And then you may add the .sh to the PATH so that you can visit it anywhere.

A good solution would be to use Templater plugin in addition of note folder plugin. It almost has all the thing needed and I use it after creating the initial note and creating a folder for it by using note folder. I think it should be doable to full automate it if it added to templater. Using another script is not as good as using a plugin like it as it need to access Obsidian via api

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