Creating a dynamic dropdown menu using other folders

I am trying to create a dropdown that takes every note from a folder and make that an option in my dropdown. I have been able to make custom dropdowns using the meta bind plugin but it seems to only support static fields to my understanding.

Example lets say I have a folder labeled: locations and i have a note for an item. I want to be able to select one of the notes inside the location folder and link it to the item.

Eventually I would like to pull data from the linked pages and use a table view so I am not opposed to reformatting how I am doing this completely by making locations one note and able to select a field that exists from within the note.

I would suggest taking the workflow apart and present it in bits again with the use case in mind and with what you have been able to achieve so far as a way to make people interested to chip in with what they’ve got to offer or in order that they can be made interested to garner any use case for themselves in the process.

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