Creating a duplicate note on mobile results in a single note with double contents

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[x] iOS
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Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.0

I’m not sure if this is a bug with Obsidian Sync or with the mobile app, or, in fact, if it’s expected behavior, but I figure I would report it anyway.

Let’s say I create a daily note for today on my Mac (i.e., not on a mobile device). The note starts out with a template — let’s call it T — but then I add some text specific to today. Let’s call the result T’.

I then open the Obsidian mobile app before sync has occurred (maybe I have no Internet connection), and go to today’s note. I only see the template for the daily note. Let’s call that T.

If I move to another note, give sync a chance to occur, and then go back to today’s daily note, the contents have changed to T + T’ — in other words, the contents are now the combination of the original template and the contents synced from the Mac. This is what is stored for the note.

If I go back to my Mac, I see the contents for today’s daily note as T + T’.

Is this expected behavior?

I believe I have seen the same effect on multiple occasions but never had my recognition of the duplication on the Mac within a time frame that allowed me to tie the potential cause to my mobile app.
The description described here does track to a fairly common work flow pattern I have so cause likely is same as my instances. I have over this period been using the current advance release of Obsidian.

Yes this is expected behaviour because you basically created two notes and they need to be merged.

We have had other people complain specifically about daily notes. If you have set obsidian to open a daily note on startup, disable it.

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