Creating a document index note: How would you create a document index with links? iframe or table?

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For my Projects in Obsidian, I’d like to keep document indexes for various documents received and shared, with info on date received, link to document, etc.

These documents are just kept in my OneDrive. I do not need to bring them into Obsidian (I tried this with a dataview query but that was too fiddly), but want to maintain a table in my project note under a collapsible heading for each index.

I’ve been using advanced tables, which is okay, but I find I’m playing around with it too much and tables in Obsidian are finicky once you bring hyperlinks.

An alternative may be to keep an iframe to the web version of a google sheet or excel sheet and just track the documents into a normal spreadsheet. Is there anything I should be concerned about with doing this instead of maintaining a table in obsidian?

Does anyone do anything like this or have any recommendations?


What I’m trying to do

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One way to use tables in obsidian, and avoid issues with special characters is to user reference style links. A little example table shown below:

| search       | date       | comment |
| ------------ | ---------- | ------- |
| [Google][go] | 2023-01-02 | Yeah    |
| [Bing][2]    | 2023-03-04 | Nope    |


Which shows as this on my mobile:

Whether you use references which are numerical, or alpha numerical is your choice related to what make sense to you.

This format should also not force advanced tables make those extremely wide tables it sometimes tend to do.


Okay, thanks for this. I had no idea. This will definitely make the table easier to work with!

Actually this has the added benefit of being able to quickly add items with links as a list, then create the table later when I have time for multiple items.

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