Creating a decision log in Obsidian

So, as part of my 2023 objectives, I would like to be more intentional about decision making analysis. My plan is in my daily work log to record a decision, why I made it and then at some point, register an outcome. A small table of three fields.

Decision | Why? | Outcome

Started a decision log | To be more intentional | Greater focus

What I would like to be able to do is pull the data from these fields on any journal page and create a summary page. It doesn’t have to be in a table, but my summary page would be nice to embed into a table for analysis.

I can already do this with tasks. I have considered using tasks with a tag and data view query, but wondered if there was a more elegant way.

TIA for any input.

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I played with this a bit further and the best I could come up with is creating inline data fields and then creating a query:


Obviously, if there is more than one decision, I just keep repeating, but there is no way that I see to put this into a table in my daily notes.

With that said, the query below does yield a table in my decision log page.

table decision AS "Decision", why AS "Why", outcome AS "Outcome" 
FROM #journal/daily    
WHERE contains(decision,"")

Not pretty, but gets the job done! Suggestions on how to do this in a better way welcomed!