Creating a callout: how do I reach the chevron prompt?

New user here, a couple of weeks into my Obsidian journey. I’m trying to use callouts. After typing 3 backticks I don’t understand how to get to the chevron prompt. I hacked a working callout using copy/paste from the example in the help file but I can’t see how to write one from scratch.

(edit mode / read mode screenshots:

Also, can someone please point me to documentation on commands such as [!columns|3] as used in the original callout example shown here. Thanks.

This looks like something from a plugin or custom CSS multi-column snippet. It would be helpful if you referenced the original plugin or snippet. :wink:

Well, it was in the official help file, at Use callouts - Obsidian Help , but that URL now gives a 404 :frowning:

Can you advise on how to reach the chevron prompt?

An easy way to insert a callout is to use the menu item: Insert > Callout.

The chevron (if you mean this > symbol), depends on the keyboard layout. Here is an example:

Thanks. I installed the Admonitions plugin and now I can create callouts without a problem. Unclear why the built-in implementation wasn’t letting me do this.

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