Created "quick note" application for Obsidian

Hey all :wave:,

I cobbled together a quick app to allow me to quickly write down notes in Obsidian on my desktop PC. A bit like the “quick add” functionality that todoist has as well.

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 21.35.05

Download here; GitHub - SimonSomlai/obsidian-quick-note: Quick note taking for obsidian

Here’s some tips;

  • Select the file you want to use with the settings icon
  • Command + Option + O to show menu
  • Escape/Click outside to hide the menu


  • Only for mac/only tested on mac
  • Probably contains some bugs :man_shrugging:

Let’s know when you have one for Windows.

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Added a windows version as well! Download can be found here;