Create unique note, inserting link here

Suppose I have a note open. Is there an easy way to create a new Unique Note (with the Plugin), inserting a link to it at the current note at the cursor’s location, and open the new Unique note in a new tab and switch to it?

This sequence of steps is a very common operation for me. Would be nice to have a single button that does it all.

you can use QuickAdd plugin for that. you can create a step to add a new unique note link and add macro to open it in a new tab.

anyway, i do that manually with hotkeys (i like to minimise use of plugins)

  • Ctrl + L (my custom hotkey) to add new internal link
  • give it a name
  • Ctrl + Enter OR Ctrl + Alt + Enter to open in new tab or new pane
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This is close, but it does not create a “Unique Note” (as in the plugin). So in your workflow, I have to think and specify a name for the new note when typing the link, and then the note lands by default at root level in the vault.

I prefer the Unique Note approach, where it just uses the current date / time, and creates the note in the appropriate subfolder.

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