Create Synced Matching Notes

One Note Belongs In Two Folders

A problem I sometimes have is when I have one note that needs to go in two or more different folders. I know a lot of people probably use alternative ways of organizing things, such as links or tags, and don’t much use folders, but I’m probably not the only one who still uses folders, and not being able to put one note in two different folders is a bit of a problem sometimes.

Proposed solution

Currently, you can duplicate a note so that you have two versions of the same note in two different folders, but the moment you edit one of them, they no longer match. I propose a new type of note which can sync to another note. Essentially, you make a regular note, but then there’s an option to “duplicate” it, but instead of editing them independently, any time you edit either of the two notes, it updates both of them.

With Obsidian Sync, when you edit a note on one device, it immediately updates on the other device so they match; this would work in much the same way, but it would be two (matching/synced) notes in two different folders, rather than the same instance of a note on a different device.

Current workaround

Currently, the only way to accomplish what I’m trying to do copy everything from the most-recently edited version of the note and paste it all into the other version to keep them up-to-date with each other so they match.

Alternate workaround: one copy is the original that you edit, and the others contain only a link to or embed of the original.