Create note with template on the canvas

Use case or problem

I have a template that I use for newly created fleeting notes, and more often than not, I want to use that when I create a blank card on the canvas.

Proposed solution

Add new note from template option, or even just “add new note” where I can use templater on that note.

Or “Convert card into note”

CleanShot 2022-12-20 at 12.47.13@2x

Current workaround (optional)

Honestly not even sure how to create a new blank note. “New card” seems to create something that is not a MD file. And unclear how to convert that into an MD file?


Found another FR related to this: [Canvas] Select template and path when Convert to file

Wondering if there is an easier way to solve this problem. I currently create a new file from canvas, then open that file and use the templater command to insert the required template file.

If you select “new note from vault” you can create a new note by typing in the note name and hitting Shift-Enter.

Otherwise, if you use the core Templates plugin, you can create insert a template into the text card with “Templates: Insert template…”