"Create note in new pane" fails because of invisible, title-less md file

Steps to reproduce

In a note, launch the action “Create note in new pane”.

Expected result

New pane opens (this has worked in the past, and with "Create new note, I get the expected behavior of a new note, with the “Untitled” note title highlighted.)

Actual result

No new note or new pane.
Error message: “A file named already exists.”


  • Operating system: macOS 10.15.7
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.14

Additional information

Seems to be related to an odd file that has been appearing recently: this file only an md-extension and no title, like this: .md . It’s an invisible file, which I could only discover by using PathFinder with “show invisible files” toggled on. Once I delete that file, the “Create note in new pane” works. But the file keeps returning.

Do you have plugins installed?

Yes, lots of them, Core and Third-party.

does this happen with default css and no third party plugins?

Thanks! I should have been able to figure this out myself. The css wasn’t it. Then I turned SafeMode on, and back off, which (surprisingly) left all my third-party plugins toggled off. Then, I added them one by one, using my “Create note in new pane” custom hotkey, which is ⌘⇧-N.

Found the problem with “Note Refactor” plugin, which also uses the same hotkey:

Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + N = Extract selection to new note - first line as filename: Copy selection into new note with the first line as the file name and replace with a link.

Since I wasn’t first selecting any text, the first time I ran it, it creates the title-less md file I was talking about, and that would later report as already existing.

I’ve now adjusted the hotkeys, and all is well. (Brilliant that this can be done for third-part plugins!)

The only remaining issue I’ve noticed is that I get the same behavior when I try to run “Note Refactor” on text of a note that is in the right sidebar (where I usually keep an instance of my daily page). That probably has to do with sidebar instances of pages operating differently.