Create new tag from the 'tag' properties field

Use case or problem

When using the new properties feature, I tried a few times to type a non-existing tag to create it (like you would when you enter is as text in the body of your note). This didn’t seem possible.

Use case: Provide for easy new tag creation

Proposed solution

If Obsidian doesn’t find a tag when typing a text string in the tag properties’ field, it creates that text string as a tag.

I don’t understand this.

In a note, a user would write #tag (with an opening octothorp). If you mean that, that’s not the right format for a tag in a YAML header. No octothorp:

tags: tag

Apologies if I have misunderstood.


Also, in case you used the appropriate YAML format for tags in Properties, as mentioned by @anon63144152, don’t forget to hit Enter to effectively create the new tag :innocent:

Properties - Create tags

(Forgetting to hit Enter when creating a brand new tag in Properties happened to me quite some times :sweat_smile: )


Sorry @WhiteNoise @anon63144152 And @Pch I didn’t get a notification of your replies. I understand now how it works.

I expected that if I typed a string in the tag field that doesn’t match a tag exactly, that pressing ‘enter’ would then create that string as a new tag.
But if there are tags that somehow (fuzzy) match, it chooses the first ‘matching’ tag instead of creating a new one.
I discovered just now that, to accept the string as a new tag, I have to hold ‘shift’ when pressing enter.
This feels a bit odd to me, but I can imagine that most users prefer fuzzy matched tags to be selected instead of having to tap the arrow down key to select a tag.

Maybe this clarifies what I mean:
20230823 Obsidian v1.4.3 tag creation

‘ict’ matches no tag literally, so it selects the fuzzy matched tag.
I have to hold shift to create the ‘ict’ tag.


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