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<!-- THIS PART WON'T BE POSTED Please describe what you're trying to accomplish so the community can better help you. Sometimes the solution you have in mind is not necessarily the best option, in which case knowing some background info can let others come up with creative solutions for your use case. Please continue below this line. -- Hi everyone, apologies if this is a silly question, but is there a way to create a new note with the template automatically placed in (at the moment I had to remember manually each time to click the template button after creating a new note). I've had a look around the forum - is this currently only possible using the Daily Notes plugin? I would have thought it was an highly desirable feature (for example, when I am creating a few dozen literature notes each morning, it is a shame to have click the template button every time when I am not going to be using 'new note' for any other feature). Thanks in advance for any tips!
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Alt+N with Templater, or in file explorer, click “New note from template”.

Hotkeys for templates also has the feature of auto-creating a templated note on a per-folder-basis.

Both are community plugins that need to be installed and set up.


Thanks! I have Templater installed though and neither ALT + N seems to work nor can I find a New note from template button. I will try Hotkeys for templates as well

With Templater, you need a Template folder location and some templates stored in that folder. You can check the “Hotkeys” setting (by searching for “templater”) and verify that the hotkey for Templater: Create new note from template is actually Alt+N on your installation.

Thanks for this - though oddly there is no ‘Templater: Create new note from template’ option - under Hotkeys or the further add on (Hotkeys for Template)

Ah apologies - just realised I have got mixed up with the Templates and Templater plugin options. Sure I will be able to sort it now - thanks again for your help

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Sorry to comment again. Realised my problem before was that the Templater app hadn’t been updated.

My issue now is that when I use alt + N to create a new note, I then have to click the correct template (I only have one). Perhaps too much of an ask - but is there no hot-key / shortcut to just create new, with the template in one click or shortcut? Given that I create a new note every few mins with the same template, this would be very useful.

I think this helps GitHub - Vinzent03/obsidian-hotkeys-for-templates

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