Create new note with a title and a backlink to original note

Things I have tried

I have tried to put the backlink in the body at the end of the note but this occupies a lot of space since it brings all the panel into the note.

What I’m trying to do

Very simple: I am in Note A and I want to create a new Note B, with a backlink in Note B to Note A

There are countless ways to do this, but the one I use is the Note Composer core plugin.

You just need to make a template with {{fromTitle}} in the place you want it, among many other helpful placeholders, and call it from the plugin’s settings.

Thanks for the reply. I tried the {{FromTitle}} in Note Refactor. Still that did not give me an embedded back link to the “parent” note.

When you do this in Drafts, the end result of the destination (child) note looks like this:


What was the output from Note Refractor? It should work…

Also, it sounds like you might instead want to activate the backlinks plugin, or even the “show backlinks in document” plugin.

I do this with Note Composer, not Note Refactor.

The template I configured in Note Composer’s settings is



This ensures there will be a wiki link in the new file when it’s created. I keep that template with my other templates.


But of course it could be anywhere.

@RoyRogers - sorry, yes. I meant note composer.

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I think you could do similar – create file and insert backlink in the new file – with Note Refactor, but I find Note Composer does fine for what I need.

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