Create new link from selected word?

I find myself selecting a word and then wanting to hit some hotkey to enclose it in square brackets. Is that already possible? If not, I’d very much like it to be, and to share its hotkey with Follow Link Under Cursor (which seems fitting).

You should be able to just select a word or words and press [[ which will bracket the whole selection.


Are you using vim-keybinding by any chance?
settings > editor > vim-keybindings

If so, there’s definitely a vim key conflict, if not I also realized that perhaps a community plugin may be causing this conflict.

Just to test, create a brand new obsidian vault and try it, it should work there.

Since I have this issue with vim. As I workaround I use the Community Theme “Note refactoring”

Thank you, I failed to find this shortcut in the documentation.

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