Create internal link to new heading in existing note

i tried to create internal link from one note to new heading in existing note.
what i did it typing the link as if the heading exist. meaning in the end “# test” (non exist heading).

if i hover the curcer while pressing “control” it show "unable to find heading name “test” in the note.
when i click on the link it take me to the note.

what i want to do is to create embeded link to new heading in existing note and edit it from the same note i linked it (meaning without moving to the note where the heading is located.

i coudnt find while searching.


The heading needs to exist first. Without it, there’s nothing to embed or edit.

You can’t edit an embedded section. Even if you tried with an existing header in an existing note, you wouldn’t be able to edit that section within the current document.

You would always need to open up the other document before you can edit it. (As long as you don’t have some rather esoteric plugin installed).

So if I read your question correct: No, you can’t embed a link to a new heading in another file, and expect to edit it within the active file. And no, you can’t create the heading by specifying a link to it, and clicking on the heading.

Thanks for your answers. You can close the thread

Hehe, you’re the one who closes the thread, if you’ve found the solution. Open. The three dot menu below the post you feel answered your question, and hit the “Solution” button.

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