Create Graph for plotting publication year of books in vault (see example)

In Goodreads you can see the years of publication of the books you read:

the x-axis is real-time, as in when you finished reading the book, and the y-axis is the publication year.

I’m trying to recreate this in Obsidian. I’m trying to move away from Goodreads, and have copied over most of the books I have on there into my Books vault, with each of them having their own note with the following front matter (for example):

Author: Zafón, Carlos Ruiz
Title:  The Shadow of the Wind (El cementerio de los libros olvidados 1) 
Year: 2001
Medium: Audiobook
Current: 18h
TotalLength: 18h
Rating: 8
DateStarted: 2021-06-30
DateFinished: 2021-08-09
Tags: Literature, MagicalRealism, Fantasy, Books, History
Country: Spain
AudioCounter: 1

The AudioCounter is my hacky workaround so I can have the Tracker plugin give me a sum total of all the Books/Audiobooks I’ve read/listened to. For physical books that is changed to “BookCounter”. However, the Tracker plugin is giving me some issues. For instance, as mentioned I’d like to create a graph where each book has a dot and is plotted to represent when it was published and when I read it, as in the Goodreads graph. I try this with the following Tracker code block:

``` tracker
searchType: frontmatter
searchTarget: DateFinished, Year
xDataset: 0
folder: /Log/2022
accum: false
startDate: 2022-01-01
    title: "Line Chart"
    xAxisLabel: Date
    yAxisLabel: "Pages"
    fillGap: false

That sort of works, but not really:

a) despite having the fillGap=: false in there, some of the values are still connected.
b) it seems (though I’m not sure) that some values are added up, resulting in what are supposed to be year values of around 4000.

Does anyone know if what I’m trying to do is even possible in Obsidian?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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