Create fuzzy tag search plugin?

Not sure if this is a ‘help’ or ‘feature request’ question and is probably both. Putting it here in feature request, in the hope that someone can create a plugin to solve this problem. NB: Tag Wrangler plugin does not do fuzzy search

Use case or problem: inabilty to do fuzzy search on tags in tag pane

Hi, I am getting an ever increasing list of tags, and am sure some may be similar to others, and so want to be able to search the tag list to 1)check if I already have a tag before I create a new one and/or 2) search for similar tags so I can rationalise them.

This needs to be a fuzzy search, otherwise I need to remember the exact tag I have already used.

Proposed solution

Add a search bar to the top of the tag pane in the right hand pane, in the same way there is a search bar in the left hand explorer pane

Current workaround (optional)

Current workaround is to enter tags in an existing note. Doing so does a fuzzy search on tags

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