Create Daily Note in its own folder

Things I have tried

I have the Calendar plugin but there is also a “Open today’s daily note” icon in the left gray panel.

What I’m trying to do

When I click on the icon for Daily Note in the File Explorer view, it creates the note as a new item in that list. I would like it to open in the Daily Note folder. As it is, I have to drag each note to the folder. I have the Calendar plugin but perhaps haven’t configured it properly?

Is it possible to have Obsidian launch to today’s blank daily note inside the Daily Note folder?

In the settings, scroll down to the Plugin Options, and click on Daily Notes to see the plugin’s options. The second option you have, New file location, allows you to pick in which folder the new daily notes go to.

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Thanks! I’m so new, I hadn’t discovered the plugin options settings.

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