Create Content and Linked Notes via Ordered List

Use case or problem

I am trying to quickly transition from the hierarchy of an ordered list to a linked network of notes with both content and links within those automatically created or already existing notes.

Proposed solution

By first creating an ordered list hierarchy then clicking a create button, the notes and their content within would all be created.

In list, when placing link B as a sub-item to link A, then clicking create, both notes would be created and note B would be linked to by note A.

If items or sub-items in the list were not just a single link, they would be interpreted as content and placed within the next sole link above them in the list hierarchy.

All content and links could be placed in a defined location within their corresponding note based on settings such as bottom, top, or even after a special symbol or under a defined heading, etc.

There would be no limit to how many times or where a link could occur in the list.

Template values would be resolved upon their placement in the notes. Perhaps there would be a nice way for these lists be easily be saved and edited for reuse and repurposing.

Related feature requests (optional)

This request has a similar methodology and reason behind its concept, that being rapid prototyping of ideas and structure without using the mouse or leaving the current note: Create note content inline when creating linked note