Create Canvas containing Search Results

I would love to be able to automatically create a canvas containing all notes from a search result.

At the moment, they must be dragged individually.

This would also enable dragging all tagged notes (1-x) to the canvas at once.


I think this would be useful as well. It could also easily fit into the “Copy search results” UI. Maybe something like an extra button or section to copy results to a new or existing Canvas. You’d have to manually drag them where ever you want them, but at least they’d be on the page.

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I would like to have the list and also be able to “drag them in” one by one so that I can place them correctly on the canvas, without doubling (only one note card of each item, Canvas doesn’t stop you from creating multiple ATM) and also "checking off each one’ as I place it in Canvas…

Or have it in a different section / on a different canvas maybe…

A lot of solutions. Basically: let me do the note card thing on a big table with the cards that match my search.

ED: Since this hasn’t gotten a lot of love on the feature requests–maybe a plugin?