Create Blog/documentation using obsidian + 11ty + github pages


I love obsidian and have been using it for more than a year. I have 3-4 vaults for different purposes. One of the vault is for my personal notes that I dont share with anyone else.

The other vaults I use them for publishing to the web. is my blog. It is maintained in obsidian and published to gitlab pages(repo - GitHub - alexjv89/echoalex_com: Source code for

I also use obsidian for publishing documentation(dev design patterns) for my tech team - The public repo can be found here - GitHub - switchless-io/docs.

Although I tried obsidian publish, I wanted to have some styling and formatting that suited my style. So the above blog and documentation is published using the following:

  • Obsidian as the writing/editing/local consumption interface
  • Eleventy (11ty)
  • Github for version control
  • Github pages for hosting the static files

In order to support obsidian style wiki links, I created a custom markdown it plugin - GitHub - alexjv89/markdown-it-obsidian: Convert obsidian wiki links to markdown links. Use that with 11ty and your obsidian wiki links will be fully supported.


Thanks so much for sharing. I was Googling Obsidian and eleventy and your post showed up – exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you for creating this. Just starting out with it and 11ty. Have an issue: it is successfully converting wikilinks to html links, but the href url is not carrying over. Just a blank <a href="">. Any ideas on what I missed?

Thanks a lot for your work and suggestion!

Nevertheless, could you provide us with some information about the differences that distinguish this plugin from the one you forked it from? What changes from one to another?

Thank you very much.