Create backlink to the current file

What I’m trying to do

Find a plug in so that if I am in file, I can add a link from to This would be like Quickadd, but you would do a fuzzy search to find after invoking the relevant command.

Things I have tried

Searched the plug ins for “backlink”

Well, a backlink is just a link from “” to “”, so why not just open “” and append the link?

How do you foresee your use case, should you open a dialog to locate the “” (similar to Quick Switcher), and then just append the link back to the current file at the end of that other note?

I think there has been given some examples on a poor mans quick switcher in the forum lately which could get you going on selecting that “” file, and then it’s a matter of appending the link to the other file, possibly using await app.vault.process() on that file.

You have to remember and type the file name for “” and type it. That is a big deal if the filename is long. I will look for the posts which you bring up and and app.vault.process() command.

One of the first of the better third party plugins that I installed is Various Complements.
It helps to get around this problem. You can set the number of trigger words in the vault complement (two or three would be best). This feature is indispensable (and there are others).

Don’t worry about that; it’s not what you want.

I have lots of files whose names are very long. I have looked into the plugin “Various Complements” and it looks very interesting.

I have brought it up several times. Sometimes a plugin with a long settings page can be intimidating, but as I said, this plugin is indispensable.

If you’re going from A to B, A will be the most recent file in the file history (at least if you’ve modified it, maybe also if you haven’t). That means it will appear first in the link autocomplete list before you type anything, so you can recognize and select it.

The inconvenience of the Various Complements plugin though is that you need to remember the first part of the long filename, because if you remember the second, third word, that won’t work.
On the plus side, you can get links as you are typing – which is important for me to not be broken in my flow of writing.

Otherwise the built-in Quickswitcher is your friend, or if for example you remember some part of a heading but not the file that was housing it, try the Headings Mode of the QuickSwitcher++ plugin.
I’m sure there are other plugins with similar functionalities (Another Quick Switcher, etc.).

So for anyone being interested in the plugin mentioned: the bonus is that you don’t need to enter [[, it will be added if you select the internal link, which you can also not choose to insert if you enter SHIFT as well as ENTER.

You can continuously write and make backlinks, so no need to use any switchers.