Create aligned LaTeX equations

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I have an issue with respect to the use of aligned LaTeX equations. I often use Obsidian to create math texts that get instantaneously readable. To do this, I often use the align LaTeX environment :

&d_{k+1}^{(k+1)} = a_k d_k^{(k)} \\
&d_{k}^{(k+1)} = a_k d_{k - 1}^{(k)} + b_k d_k^{(k)}\\
& \vdots \\
& d_0^{(k+1)} = b_k d_0^{(k)} + c_k d_0^{(k - 1)}
for any $k > 1$

It works well graphically:

The Markdown file does not have, however, a proper content. This is because the display math environment created by the double $ should not contain an align environment. This is not compliant with the LaTeX language. Hence, the .md file cannot be converted automatically with, e.g. pandoc (but exporting the document to pdf with Obsidian works well).

How should I format my code to make it clean?
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@MichaelBaudin You can use aligned, alignedat or split environments, which can be used within equations:

  a &= b + c \\
  d &= e + f

I did not known that environment.
I can now generated the file with

pandoc -o myfile.pdf

Before your fix, I got the “Erroneous nesting of equation structures” error. Now the document is generated.
Thank you very much!

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