Create a Template/CSS theme hub

I would like to see an official searchable hub, ideally accessible from within obsidian of Templates and CSS themes where users are able to upload their own templates and search through what other people have uploaded with some type of simple positive and negative feedback system per template. This would be great for a starting point to help get over the initial learning curve of obsidian for new users, as well as give more experienced users a solid base to start tweaking a new vault from without having to start from a blank page.

This could also be expanded into full vaults with pre linked pages for subjects of study like a general catch-all for Calculus or physics ready to be tweaked by the user to fit there study style, or a book like the bible pre linked together ready for notes to be added for a theologist. For people who have a workflow similar to me, this would eliminate the initial setup phase for a vault and let you get right into the “meat and potatoes” of what makes obsidian so great.


Yes, it would be fun to have a marketplace of sorts for templates, css snippets, pre-made common vaults (LYT is an example), pre-linked common literary works, etc.