Create a note of selected text from an image

Readwise has an Android app that will allow to select text from a camera image of a book page or paper document otherwise and import that text to a Readwise note.

Is there any way of doing this with Obsidian without having to subscribe to Readwise to use their app and import their notes.

Any suggestions appreciated.

This is called OCR, optical character recognition, and there are many apps which do this.

A random list of such apps: 10 Best OCR Apps for Android & iOS | Image to Text Converter Apps

It seems like “text fairy” and “google keep” are two free alternatives. I’ve only just tested Google keep, and it sure does a decent job at ocr from images.

Adobe Scan would do the job as well, it scans to cloud (free 5GB), and cloud documents can be accessed in Adobe Acrobat on the desktop.

Omnipage Ultimate is a desktop solution with mobile image capture but costs a lot.

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