Create a note from list of installed plugins

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to generate a new note that contains a list of all my installed plugins in order to document my reasons for choosing them, describe them for other members of my team, etc.

I can go to .obsidian/plugins to get a list of the repo names, but ideally I’d like a list of clickable plugin names. I could also do some file system scripting to visit each plugin and parse the manifest. But before I do that I wanted to know if there’s a method inside Obsidian.


Decided to create a command-line tool whilst I wait to see if Obsidian can do it natively.

find . -name manifest.json -prune -exec jq -r '"* [\\(.name)](\\(.authorUrl))", "  - \\(.description)"' {} \; | pbcopy

creates the following on my Mac’s clipboard (having installed jq with brew install jq

* [Hider](
  - Hide UI elements such as tooltips, status, titlebar and more
* [Natural Language Dates](
  - Create date-links based on natural language
* [Tag Wrangler](null)
  - Rename, merge, toggle, and search tags from the tag pane
* [Advanced URI](
  - Advanced modes for Obsidian URI
* [Periodic Notes](
  - Create/manage your daily, weekly, and monthly notes
* [Calendar](
  - Calendar view of your daily notes
* [Note Refactor](null)
  - Extract note content into new notes and split notes
* [Linter](
  - Enforces consistent markdown styling.
* [Zoom](
  - Zoom into heading and lists.
* [Admonition]()
  - Enhanced callouts for
* [Dataview](
  - Complex data views for the data-obsessed.
* [Advanced Tables](
  - Improved table navigation, formatting, manipulation, and formulas
* [Graph Analysis](
  - Analyse your Obsidian graph.
* [Find orphaned files and broken links](
  - Find files that are not linked anywhere and would otherwise be lost in your vault. In other words: files with no backlinks.
* [Excalidraw](
  - An Obsidian plugin to edit and view Excalidraw drawings
* [Editor Syntax Highlight](
  - Show syntax highlighing in code blocks the editor
* [Minimal Theme Settings](
  - Change the colors, fonts and features of Minimal Theme.
* [Contextual Typography](
  - This plugin adds a data-tag-name attribute to all top-level divs in preview mode containing the child's tag name, allowing contextual typography styling.
* [Outliner](
  - Work with your lists like in Workflowy or RoamResearch.
* [Show Current File Path](
  - Show the full path of the currently open file in the status bar
* [Templater](
  - Create and use templates

Which is close, but the URLs are incomplete - the JSON includes the authorURL but not the actual URL to the specific plugin. So that’s a supplementary question - how do I get the full URL of a plugin from either the filesystem or inside Obsidian?

Mainly gratuitously bumping, but also wanted to add (after the edit button became unavailable) that the find command above is run after:

cd <VAULT_FOLDER>/.obsidian/plugins

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