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Hello everybody, I am pretty new to developing obsidian plugins. For a plugin I am making, I want to be able to create a new pane to show certain information. As an example, I want something kind of like how the mind map plugin (GitHub - lynchjames/obsidian-mind-map: An Obsidian plugin for displaying markdown notes as mind maps using Markmap.) has a command to open a mind map in a new pane. Does anybody know how to do this? Sorry if it is extremely simple.


I think the plugin you mentioned does something like pane splitting: obsidian-mind-map/main.ts at 48c73460c82d3ca58131bedf26fcfea74c007487 · lynchjames/obsidian-mind-map · GitHub

I haven’t tried the plugin and I came to this topic because I wanted to learn creating new panes, too.

You can also check some leaf related methods in obsidian-api/obsidian.d.ts at 763a243b4ec295c9c460560e9b227c8f18d8199b · obsidianmd/obsidian-api · GitHub
(leaf = pane. Obsidian API seems to use the term leaf instead of pane.)

For example seems interesting.

Sorry, I can’t give more detailed answers, as I’m still learning this stuff myself.

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Have you tried it? Is it working?

No I haven’t.