Create a new note with a date in the title from a link

What I’m trying to do

I have a daily notes template and I want to add a link to my class notes for the day to the template. That way upon creating a new daily note I can just click the link that will create the note with a title like “09.27 - BUS160” AND take me to that note if it was already created. For organizational reasons, I really want to include the date in the title and for laziness reasons, I really don’t want to manually link to and from with the proper title. I would really like to have it automatically populate from within the daily note template.

Bonus points (but entirely not necessary) if I can create the class notes file from a template.

Things I have tried

All of these were taken from similar forum posts:

  • I’ve tried using Buttons which was somewhat successful. It would create the note with the date but not take me to it once it existed.
  • I’ve tried using Templater (although I’m not too experienced with it so definitely open to use it if someone has a suggestion)
  • I’ve tried using {{date}} and {{date:MM.DD}} in the link itself
  • I’ve seen a few other forum posts that had solutions I did not understand or failed to incorporate. Again, I’m open to using these solutions I just need help getting them to work for my specific purposes

Thanks for any help

Try the QuickAdd plugin? You can create a new ‘Quick Add Template’ which would call your template and there is an option within quickadd to open the note once created. You can also choose to open it side by side with the current note if wished.

Then you could just make the button call the quick add template?

name Daily Note
type command
action Quick Add : NAME OF YOUR COMMAND

Work absolutely perfectly - thank you so much

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Great stuff

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