Create a new folder at the same time as moving a file

After I create a new file, often it is in the wrong folder. In fact, when I want to move the file to the correct folder, often times that folder doesn’t exist yet. So, I would like to have a plug-in that allows me to create a new folder in the same workflow as when I click “Move file to…”. This would also move the file to this newly created folder.


+1 this idea. I like having this with any application where you organize items into folders. Fastmail comes to mind it’s “Move To” dialog has a search text window. Underneath that you you can a list of folders that match your search text, and below that is a “create folder” button to create a folder with a name matching your search text.

e.g. I get an email from Obsidian forums, I click on “move to” , and then I type “Obsidian” in the search box. If a folder name “Obsidian” is there, I can select it. or I can click on “create folder” to open the create folder dialog window. The message automatically gets moved to the folder that I create.

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I was thinking about this more today, and I’m thinking that in addition to this option for some sort of onMove trigger, an optimal workflow might actually be to set/create the folder location onCreation of the new note. That way, before I start getting lost in the writing and stream of thoughts, I am encouraged to set the folder location right away and just get the organization part done with.

I am googling around to see how to set triggers like this in Obsidian and will report back if I make progress. Does anyone know offhand how to set triggers in Obsidian – whether through a plugin, custom javascript, etc…?

A Templater template could prompt for the folder upon note creation. The problem is I don’t know if Templater can display an auto-completion pop up showing u a list of matching folders as you type. So it wouldn’t be convenient

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