Create a new canvas directly from quick switcher

Use case or problem

I often use quick switcher for creating notes in specific folders, as it is quick and can be done without touching the mouse.
However, there isn’t an option for the new note to be a canvas.

Proposed solution

I suggest to add alt as a modifier for creating a new note, which would create a canvas instead.
The default canvas shortcut would then be shift alt enter, and just alt enter if the note doesn’t exist.

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In the Quick switcher, you can add .canvas to the name to create a canvas file, e.g., inbox/my canvas.canvas and press enter/return.


Thank you for the suggestion!

I’ve noticed that typing it out can be a bit cumbersome, especially with the occasional mistypes.
I’m thinking having a dedicated button would be a great addition, especially considering that Obsidian handles two types of notes: text (markdown) and visual (canvas).

However, if there isn’t a plan to do that or if it doesn’t make sense, the current solution is good enough.

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