Create a native div block around selected paragraph with a simple character at the start & end

I strongly think Obsidian would benefit by being able to section off blocks of text with built in hidden “div/div>” tags

If we could just use an arbitrary symbol such as “|” at the start and end of a paragraph of text. It could add a div tag with a little bit of padding and a slight BG color around the text.

The difference between just doing this with code blocks (custom HTML) is that your internal links will not work anymore.

Having a natively created DIV block around any text we choose would be super powerful.

This could also then be custom styled by users with CSS if they so desired.


One of the callouts wouldn’t work here?

The callouts are not the same functionality I’m referring to. Rather what I want is a way to separate certain elements within the note.

Because with “div” like functionality. It opens up the possibility to do nested divs and use CSS to create much more meaningful displays of information.

I know that callouts won’t give you exactly what you want, but you can do a lot with custom callouts, which are nestable: Use callouts - Obsidian Help

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