Create a MOC form several selected notes

There is an idea that I think would be an interesting feature for this app.
It would be about being able to select several notes and create a MOC of them.
The same can be done, but I’m new to the app and I don’t see a way to do it.

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I did this yestreday; selected the files in the sidebar, and dragged them into a new note. It made links for them, and then I can edit/sort/process the links in that new note.


:blush: Thanks

So how did you select multiple files in the sidebar? I couldn’t make it work. Thanks!

From the 0.10.0 release notes, “You can now select multiple files in file explorer using Alt+Click, or multiple consecutive files using Shift+Click.”

There are also gifs there demonstrating it, if you want to navigate to them from the Announcements category.

Hope you get it working.


If the notes can be identified via a search, you can perform the search and use the copy search results function. An option screen will pop-up that provides some control over how the information is pasted. I do this and then edit it down to the links I want in my MOC.

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Ok, now I got it! Thanks a lot!


Another way to do this is to write a a search query in the MOC note itself, like this

> ```query
> x y
> ```

In this way you get something like a self-updating MOC note (which might be against the very sense of MOC, though – but who I am to judge?!).

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I see what you mean, but if it is important to see the development of these query created MOCs in addition to a static version, they could be exported intermittently as PDFs and those PDFs could be embedded within the folds of a bottom timeline heading or something. I haven’t fully checked out the new PDF features in the recent 0.10.8 release, but this definitely seems like a good enough reason to look into it.

Thanks for sparking this idea!

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That’s a pretty sophisticated and very cool idea! It’s like a journaling MOC or like journaling an MOC.

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