Crashes on loading vault



[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.xx I would love to enter the version, but since it crashes on startup I have no way to find out. It’s the latest version available at the App Store today, January 31 2022.

I can’t open my vault from iCloud on Obsidian Mobile. First I get the message that config files are being synced. Sometimes it crashes during that. Sometimes I can see my last open file and the modal asking me to keep safe mode on or turn it off. At that point, the UI is unresponsive. The only thing I can do is to kill the app and start over. However, since it tries the same vault again I have no option to select another vault. I’ts exactly the same on my older iPad Pro, my brand new iPad Pro and my iPhone XS. The vault is rather large but works perfectly on my MacBook Pro and iMac. Kind of stuck.

Perhaps uninstall and reinstall the app?

Oh, I’ve tried that a few times.

Then I would:

  1. Go to the vault on the file system on your Mac
  2. Reveal hidden files
  3. Rename the .obsidian folder to e.g., .macOS
  4. In Obsidian on your Mac, in Settings → About, change the name of the config folder to the new name you just chose
  5. Quit the app on your mobile devices
  6. Relaunch the app on your mobile devices

What this hopefully will do is give you a fresh vault config on iOS.

If it’s still crashing, then something’s going wrong when Obsidian tries to index the contents of your files.

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That did it. I managed to get a fresh vault running on iOS and then I transferred folder by folder to the new vault on the Mac.

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