Course: Obsidian Made Simple

Hello all! Last week my friend Francesco D’Alessio of Keep Productive and I launched a new course called Obsidian Made Simple.

Our goal is to help you get a deeper understanding of how Obsidian works and give you tips on building a note-taking and personal knowledge management workflow that’s lasting and effective.

We’re offering the course currently for a one time fee of $59.

Francesco and I are working hard on continuing updates and expansions to the course (which, of course, are included for free if you purchase).

If you’ve purchased it already, we’d love to hear from you if you’ve found it helpful or even if there are things you’d love to see included.

Thanks to @Licat and @Silver for investing their time to make an incredible piece of software (not to mention the constant iterations and improvements). I’ve been a fan for months and have enjoyed digging into it myself and over on my YouTube channel too!


Nice of you to develop this course.

I noticed the price of $59 is a temporarily sale price. What is the standard price?

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It’s $59 normal price - I think Francesco forgot to change the copy on the button from when we were running a sale in December. Sorry about that!

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Hi @justindirose,

Any chance of non US, non UK and non EU citizen to purchase the course. I tried purchansing it to no avail.

Thank you

Martin Chandra

I’m really sorry about that @MartinChandra – Francesco (of Keep Productive, who is handling the logistics of the course) had to put in some limitations due to accounting and international tax laws. It’s a complicated mess, unfortunately.

Reach out here and we’ll see what we can do: Contact Us — Keep Productive

I made this course, which is still in progress

hope you like it

I tried to send you an email and I got a 403 forbidden response?