Counting the frequencies of words and a list of words appearing in a note, but also at the level of a folder

I think this plugin idea would be useful for SEO but also to improve the variety of words and style used.
A panel that works at the level of an active note but also (especially) at the level of a folder.

The panel, at note level, would indicate the frequency of each of the words in the note (with the possibility of preventing a list of stopwords from appearing).
Another, more succinct panel would show at a glance the frequency of a list of words previously indicated.

It would be great if the plugin could work at folder level, in particular to find out how often a selected list of keywords appears in the notes of that folder.
For a topic cluster organization of content, this would be simple but effective. Other elements at folder level could be indicated: list of tags or links.

What do you think?

Not exactly what you want but might be useful until you find something more in line with your needs:

Thank you,
Yes, I’ve installed it, it’s actually this plugin that gave me the idea.
The plugin itself is useful, but it’s not possible to give it a list of stopwords like “the”, “is” and “and”.
For me, this limits its use.

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