Count of lines in a document

What I’m trying to do

Hi want to display count of lines [ Total Lines in the document] preferably in status Bar or at top of document

Things I have tried

Done search on google & the forum → no suggestions

Please help. Thank you

“Better Word Count” plugin can do sentences. I’m not personally sure of any way of counting blocks/paragraphs.

“Novel Word Count” plugin can count “pages”, which is based on a word count you can specify.

I think counting “lines” would depend on the size of your tab or pane, and how the words are wrapping. Do you mean lines that ignore wrapping?

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Thanks rigmarole for looking at it

I mean the actual number of lines you see when enabling "show line number " in Editor
It would give the size of the document
I don’t think it depends on line wrap or size of tab/ pane

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To access the actual line count of your current note, you can put app.workspace.activeEditor.editor.lineCount() in your console. (ctrl + shift + i/j on windows, and cmd + option + i/j on MacOS).

You can build a plugin base on the sample, and modify the status bar text here.

Note that it won’t exclude the properties lines.


Thank you for looking into this @Acylation , did not know that console exists !
The code works perfectly in the console. I would give plugin a try :joy:
Btw, is there a way to use the code in the document itself or in frontmatter?

You could do it with Dataview in your document like this:

Lines: `$=app.workspace.activeEditor.editor.lineCount()`

Will show

Lines: 25

or whatever, and it will automatically update.

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Works perfect, Thank you @AlanG

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