Couldn't input rightward with unicode plugin

hello everyone, I use unicode plugin to input some special symbol frequently.
however, I found with “rightward” typing-in, “unicode plugin” don’t show the corect symbol but “rightwards arrow below” yesterday.

I have to use “total function” to input the corect “rightward” symbol.
could someone as kind as tell me why?

That looks like the correct symbol for “Black Rightwards Bullet”.

my apologies, but I mean the second symbol but not the first one in my picture.
I don’t want “rightwards arrow below” like this:
what I want is normal “rightwards” like this:

I don’t think the plugin is deciding the name; they are decided by Unicode.

Searching “rightwards” on


But, I understand you want a version of the bottom -> (in your second image).

Maybe the plugin isn’t displaying the full Unicode options available? Perhaps it lets you set custom Unicode names or an alias?

Their Github page is here with one issue: “cannot find some characters”
Cannot find some characters · Issue #1 · BambusControl/obsidian-unicode-search · GitHub You could add to it or create a new issue.

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