Costs associated with AI - GPT-3 plugins

For those developing plugins with API’s connected to ML/AI services, is there any projection or ballpark for $$ costs associated with using these plugins? For instance, I know openAI requires the purchase of tokens, but I have no idea how the tokens are valuated against usage, other than that my sign-up credit seemed to dry up in about 1200 words.

Is it possible to outline this in plug-in documentation?


Moved to Help because it’s not an idea for a plugin.

The developers of the plugins will be more likely to see your documentation suggestion if you file it as an issue on their GitHub pages.

But this seems like info you would get from OpenAI. Did you check their website?


I mentioned OpenAI because it seems the bulk of plugins are using the GPT-3 model. Their pricing seems reasonable but it gets confusing between which model is being used and tokens per word-fragment. And tbh I’m terrible at math when mixing decimals and fractions.

I’m not yet committed to one model over another, just exploring the idea of using one to assist with various workflows inside my vault. But I’m unsure about cost/benefits…so mostly looking for folks’ experience with relationship between usage and cost.

Eg, “I use ‘thisModel’ and average between 3000-5000 words per week and pay ‘$$’ per month.”

Right now inviting a variety of opinions in the forum is easier than opening issues across multiple repositories.

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