Corrupted .md file after a power outage

Hi guys. This morning I had a little problem. I was writing something that was very important to me, and bim … power failure.
A few moments later, the PC restarts, and I discover that the file is corrupted. There are these red characters… I’ve done a lot of research, but I can’t find a previous version of the file in the “File Recovery” section in the settings. I also don’t have the possibility to right-click and repair the file, as I have seen. If you have a software to recover my file, or even another technique, it would help me a lot. Thanks!

If you use any can of sync system like Obsidian Sync or Dropbox), it may have a way to view prior versions. But if File Recovery doesn’t have it then I wouldn’t expect much.

Do your system perhaps have automatic backups that you’ve forgotten about because they’re automatic? If not, now might be a good time to set something up.

I really don’t have anything that would allow me to find the previous files, no backup, no sync. Is it impossible to repair a corrupted file?

I actually have SyncThing enabled on the vault, but it wasn’t connected to the other device at the time, so I’d be surprised if there were traces of the earlier files…

Another long shot: if you recently renamed the file, you might find history under the old name.

Unfortunately not … I think I’ll have to start my text all over again

I’m sorry to hear that.

I’ll say again, now is a really good time to start doing backups.

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You may want to look into GitHub - denolehov/obsidian-git: Backup your vault with git which does automatic backups into git (on top of whatever OS backup, Obsidian Sync, and cloud sync app like Dropbox/Google Drive/iCloud Drive/OneDrive you should also setup)


I think something similar happened to me right now.
A blue screen appeared on pc after I hit it accidentally with my phone. When the pc restarted, the file in obsidian appeared full of rectangular-shaped characters, as if every written charact has been replaced. I tried to open the file with the Windows Notepad, but it looked empty; in fact, in the reading mode on Obsidian too it looked empty.
Fortunately I found a recent copy in the “File recovery” section in the Obsidian’s settings.
I wish you good luck for your issue.

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