Correct link format for embedding images

What I’m trying to do

Understand what is the correct way to link/embed images in my notes
Is ![[filename.jpg]] or [](filename.jpg) the correct way to link to files inside my vault?

Things I have tried

Reviewing Embedding files - Obsidian Help, it uses the ![[filename.jpg]] convention. I believe this is known as the wiki style link.

However, when using Obsidian itself, I start of with the exclamation mark, Obsidian pops up the list of file names & I click on the file I want to embed. Reviewing the link then uses the [](filename.jpg) convention. Is this the markdown style?

  • Why is this happening
  • Which is the better / correct way to link to files?

Extra info

I’m using v1.4.5 on Windows.

Yes, [[these are wikilinks.jpg]] and [these are markdown](links.jpg).

[[Wikilinks]] are used within Obsidian and some other apps. Their use and support is spreading though.

[markdown]( are part of Markdown and the CommonMark standard. They can be used in any Markdown app without worry.

The setting in Obsidian is here for creating new links to new notes, pictures, PDFs, etc. →

When you type [[ and start to search for a note to link to with wikilinks enabled, and after you choose the note and hit Enter, you’ll get this:
[[Get started with Obsidian]]

With wikilinks off, the auto-suggester looks like it’s going to create a wikilink, but when you hit Enterat the end, you’ll get this:
[Get started with Obsidian](

I think most folks use wikilinks for everything if they are mainly working on their notes within Obsidian. For “future proofing”, some folks use wikilinks to link to notes, but Markdown links for linking to images. One is not more correct than the other IMHO. What to use is really up to you and what fits into your workflow.


Thank you for making that clear & easy to understand.
The Internal links - Obsidian Help link in Embedding files - Obsidian Help does add to your explanation. I just didn’t look there in the first place as I thought I’m talking about “external” links.

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