Correct format for Date & Time template variables in properties?

I’m using the “Templates” core plugin.
I’m trying to use template variables such as {{date}} and {{time}} as property values in a template file.

Is this standard practice?

If so, what is the correct way to format a template variable for a Date & time property value?

I’ve seen many people suggest, {{date}} {{time}}, but the Properties panel reports “Invalid properties.”

My best guess is {{date:YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm}} based on the end result and what the Properties panel seems to accept.

Thanks for your help.


I have the same exact question. I used to have a “date” line in the header info. After updating to the new version of Obsidian with properties, all my old files turned that into a “date type” property. But now I’m not sure how to include the {{date}} {{time}} variable in my template so that the date filed is automatically set when I insert the template into new notes

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I was also wondering this, it was nice having the date inserted from my templates and now that’s broken.

Actually apologies it just appears to work now?

I just have {{date}} in my template file

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Is there already a solution or open issue for this bug?

In my templates I use this line:

created: {{date}}

Switching to the preview mode I see this:


After editing another property in this mode I will find this:

“{ date }”:

And after applying the template the creation date will not be set:


I would vote for a bug → I opened a bug report.


  1. Open note in default app.
  2. Write again {{date}}
  3. Save

It should be good for this template and don’t change again.

More stable solution is community plugin Templater (not Templates).

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