Cornell note making system admin table

What I’m trying to do

Hello forum!! I am trying to make a table view that checks the content of specific blocks/headings from all notes. Is based in the cornell note taking system, where you put a “Summary” and “Cues” block at the end of every note, the best study system for me, it helps a lot with feedback and understanding. Any way, it’s become hard to keep track on which summarys and/or cues I am not doing because I forget I have to do them. So What I want table view to do is to show all the notes that have a Summary or Cue (one on each row) lacking content, meaning, not done. Any ideas?

Things I have tried

I have tried this approach using WHERE but I am kinda not putting it together. Maybe using HTML with a JS plugin in?

  file.content =~ /## Summary\s*(?:\r?\n)(?!-)/m
  file.content =~ /## Cues\s*(?:\r?\n)(?!-)/m

Any ideas are welcomed !!