Cornell Method in Obsidian (

Hello! I share the implementation of an idea that had been in development since Obsidian October. The intention was to present it there, but because of problems in between I could just finish.

I made a video on my Youtube channel which is in Spanish, but the way to use it is quite simple. I make use of the CSS plug-in Timeline and by making some additional modifications with a single css that is cornell-css, it allows to generate the final document in preview mode.

Cornell Notes in Obsidian

For now there is still no LivePreview mode for the complete visualization nor a support for Mobile, I hope to do it soon.

I hope you like it.



Have you seen the Cornell Notes Learning Vault by @TfTHacker?

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I know the implementation created by @TfTHacker, but this is an alternative for the community.


Both are for the community: yours is for free and TfTHacker’s is paid. I just wanted to mention it. :wink:

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