[Core Plugin] Suggestions for the Workspaces plugin

My first suggestion would be to allow Workspaces to remember the folders open in the sidebar as well as any other items (including their positions) within the sidebar.

I mainly use workspaces for different uni modules, and with so many folders in my setup, having the corresponding/related folders for different modules open while switching would be very useful instead of having to open/close relevant folders every time I want to revise a different module. The same can be said for various items in the sidebar that I may (not) want open for a given workspace.

The second suggestion is to make updating an existing workspace easier. To my knowledge currently you have to save a new workspace with the same name to update it. I was thinking of adding an “update” button when in the Manage Workspace menu.


As you can see some of my modules have really long names so having to constantly type it out can be cumbersome.

That’s it, I really hope you decide to add these suggestions. Workspaces are amazing as they are and help with my workflow so much. But with these improvements it would be perfect.

Also thanks for making this amazing app, saved my procrastinating ass from a lot of wasted time.

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hello, please open Feature Request per thread, search before posting, and follow the feature request template if you open a new thread. Moved to help.

Do you mean that I should make a separate thread for the second suggestion.

I think you should make a new thread for both, search before posting, and follow the feature request template

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