Copying Text and Images from Word

Hi – I searched for a similar case as this, but could not find anything that appeared similar. I am trying to copy information from Word documents into Obsidian. These documents include both text and images. I’ve designated a folder as an attachment folder to store the images copied over.

Steps to reproduce

Copy text and images together from Word and paste into Obsidian, everything seems to work, but instead of the images being stored into the designated Attachment folder, they are save in file:///C:/Users//AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image004.jpg. After some time, Windows erases information stored in the Temp directory, and all images are lost.

Expected result

When I copy the images individually from Word, they are saved in the designated Attachment folder correctly. I would have expected the same result when copying both text and images together since Obsidian almost gets it correct (except for where the images are actually stored).

Actual result

The images are stored in a Temp directory that Windows will occasionally clear out.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: V0.11.5

This is the way word presents things to us.

I am not going to take this as a bug report because we never implemented this kind of processing for you. So it’s not bug as in unexpected behaviour.

Even when you copy paste from websitesm we don’t import the image but just maintain the original link.

You should open a feature request.

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Thank you for the update – so I understand correctly for the feature request: does word present an image differently when just it is copied versus copying the text and the image together? I guess I don’t know what I’m to request as a feature since copying the image from Word alone works but text combined with an image does not.

yes, that’s exactly the issue.
When you copy just the image, the clipboard contains the image. When you copy text and image the clipboard contains an html rapresentation of the selection which we use.