Copying Notion highlighting to Obsidian

Thinking to porting all my notes to Obsidian from Notion. It’s not difficult to import the text per se (a copy and paste work as well) but all my highlighting work is lost, and i don’t want to do it manually again.

There is an easy way to copy highlighting from Notion?

Not sure what format Notion highlighting is in.

Found this, might be helpful to you:

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@pierxyz Sorry to say that there is not an easy way to do this. Notion’s highlighting is custom formatting that does not get exported to markdown. The converter script referenced by @Silver only uses Notion’s markdown export.

In theory, you could use Notion’s html export, which will give you something like this:

<mark class="highlight-blue_background">here is some notion highlighting</mark>

And then you would need to copy Notion’s CSS into a obsidian.css file.

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