Copying gives weird characters

Things I have tried

The forum gives me no solution. I tried different chrome extentions.

What I’m trying to do

Since last version (now I am using v0.15.9 I get weird characters

  1. at the chrome extension “Copy as Markdown” (Copy as Markdown - Chrome Web Store) I often copy an address and lately it gives me these strange characters. I approached the author of the extension and this was not an extension-related problem.
  2. also within Obsidian, when I copy a section that contains a hyperlink then those weird characters appear when pasting. Hence I think it is an Obsidian related problem.
    I’ll take the address of Obsidian as an example. When I copy this address into the address bar (google chrome) with ‘Copy as Markdown’, (and when I select a hyperlinked section within obsidian) it should give the following:

What do I get now:

So in order to make it readable in obsidian, I need to use the

[](>* and the >) always removed.

What can I do to solve this.

Translated with DeepL

If you “Paste as plain text” in Obsidian (add Shift to your keyboard shortcut for paste, or right-click and it should be an option if you paste with mouse/finger/pointing-device) does the behavior change at all?

No it is still copied as [](>*Obsidian

with the >) after ( apparantly it does not shows)

Do you get the same behavior if you disable all community plugins and theme? (Or in a fresh vault with no plugins/theme/snippets added?)

I do not see the point of disabeling all plugins while the plugins did not affect this in previous versions.

Anyway I have now unchecked all community plugins on your recommendation and the copy no longer gives weird characters, only it is now preceded by a bullet.

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Well that is surprising! It is possible that some plugin recently added functionality that is confusing things. Good luck on your further investigations!

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