Copy up/down commands

I had a browse around the forum and (surprisingly) didn’t find a request for this.

Currently moving lines up/down via the keyboard can be accomplished with appropriate hotkeys for the “Swap line up/down” commands.

I would like to see “Copy line(s) up/down” commands also implemented. I believe the default in VSCode for this feature is SHIFT+ALT+UP/DOWN

This would be a fantastic QOL item to implement and I do believe that this belongs in Obsidian Core rather than as a plugin.

TL;DR Implement copy line up/down commands

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This command is available through the hotkeys++ plugin.

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I am using that currently - it isn’t quite the same behaviour. Hotkeys++ allows for duplication of the selection/line, but not ‘copy up/down’ like in VSCode (or indeed many other code editors)

It does work, but it messes with my muscle memory :frowning:

I also think this is something that should be available in Obsidian Core without resorting to community plugins. I might have a go at making a PR to Hotkeys++ to support this.

I have now implemented this functionality along with a couple of other neat hotkeys that improve the writing experience.

See: GitHub - JeppeKlitgaard/ObsidianTweaks: A plugin that implements a number of tweaks that should've been native to Obsidian.

I still think this would be a neat thing to include in the out-of-the-box Obsidian experience – maybe consider moving this back into feature requests @WhiteNoise? If this is beyond the scope of Obsidian COre, please ignore.